6 Top SMTP Plugins to Watch Out For in 2023

SMTP Plugins

Are you in search of a top-notch WordPress SMTP Plugin? If yes, we’ve got you covered. SMTP plugins play a crucial role in enhancing the deliverability of your emails by modifying the way WordPress sends them. However, not all SMTP plugins are designed equally regarding reliability and comprehensive features.

In this article, we will explore the finest SMTP plugins available for WordPress, highlighting each offer’s standout features.

Best SMTP Plugins to Buy in 2023

1- SMTP Mailer

First up, we have the SMTP Mailer plugin, a user-friendly SMTP plugin. Although manual configuration is necessary for establishing the connection, the plugin developer offers a comprehensive list of common SMTP provider credentials on their website. This resource proves helpful for users seeking assistance during the setup process.

SMTP Mailer includes a convenient feature allowing you to send a test email via the SMTP server, verifying your settings’ accuracy. By promptly reporting the success or failure of the test, the plugin ensures that no critical emails sent from WordPress go unnoticed.

Key Features:

  • Ability to send a test email
  • Helpful documentation
  • Simple SMTP connection


WP SMTP is a user-friendly SMTP plugin developed by the creators of the popular Modula image gallery plugin. Unlike other plugins, WP SMTP focuses on simplicity and efficiency without unnecessary features or add-ons. With WP SMTP, a manual configuration of settings is required, which may vary depending on your chosen email provider.

Moreover, essential details such as SMTP host, SMTP port, and authentication and security options like SSL or TLS must be entered. Please note that WP SMTP does not provide this information; you must obtain it from your email service provider.

Key Features:

  • Email log with export to CSV
  • Simple SMTP plugin

3- Post SMTP

Post SMTP is among the best WordPress SMTP plugins, as it offers a convenient configuration wizard that simplifies the setup process. Upon entering your email address, the plugin suggests an email provider and automatically fills in the outgoing mail server details. For instance, when we connected our Gmail address, Post SMTP recommended smtp.gmail.com, Gmail’s default outgoing mail server.

A test is conducted to ensure connectivity, displaying the available providers for Gmail. In some cases, you may need to follow the provided link for assistance in setting up the connection. For example, selecting Gmail requires connecting to the Google Cloud Console, creating a new project, and completing steps to generate a client ID and secret. Although this process can be challenging, Post SMTP offers a range of standard features typically only available with premium licenses.

With Post SMTP, you can access features like email logging, fallback SMTP connection setup, email validation configuration, additional reply-to-email assignments, and advanced network customization. These functionalities can prove invaluable, saving you the expense of purchasing premium licenses from other plugins.

Highlights of Post SMTP:

  • User-friendly configuration wizard: Post SMTP provides a hassle-free setup experience with its intuitive configuration wizard. Simply enter your email address, and the plugin suggests an email provider and automatically fills in the outgoing mail server details.
  • Connectivity test: Once you’ve entered your information, Post SMTP conducts a connectivity test, showing you the available providers for your chosen email service.
  • Setup guide: Depending on your selected provider, you may need to follow a setup guide. For example, connecting with Gmail requires navigating the Google Cloud Console, creating a new project, and following specific steps to generate a client ID and secret.
  • Standard features without the premium price: Despite the setup process, Post SMTP offers a range of standard features often exclusive to premium plugins. Enjoy features like email logging, fallback SMTP connection setup, email validation configuration, additional reply-to-email assignments, and advanced network customization.

Key Features:

  • Chrome extension
  • Advanced network settings
  • Assign additional reply-to email addresses
  • Configure fallback SMTP connection
  • Email Log

4- FluentSMTP

FluentSMTP is a unique solution that supports a diverse selection of email providers not commonly found in other plugins. In addition to the widely supported SMTP providers, FluentSMTP enables connections with Elastic Email, Netcore, and Postmark. While boasting features similar to other plugins, FluentSMTP always stands out with its exceptional feature of setting up regular notifications for sending statistics and failed emails. Moreover, it offers the convenience of configuring multiple email service providers and managing transactional and marketing emails effortlessly.

Furthermore, FluentSMTP stands out as a lightweight SMTP plugin among our recommended options. Operating as a single-page application, it guarantees seamless and fast performance. Rest assured, this plugin won’t cause any concerns about your website experiencing slowdowns.

Key Features:

  • Error log
  • Periodic notifications
  • Multiple email providers supported
  • Intelligent email routing

5- Easy WP SMTP

The Easy WP SMTP plugin provides a straightforward and lightweight solution for SMTP functionality, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a streamlined approach. Although it may lack some advanced features in other plugins, Easy WP SMTP remains dependable and capable.

Also, it offers support for various email providers, including SendLayer, Mailgun, Sendinblue, and SMTP.com, allowing you to configure your own settings. Please note that no setup wizard is available, so technical knowledge is required for manual configuration. Inputting details such as host, encryption type, port, and other settings will be necessary for establishing your connection.

Key Features:

  • Email debugging
  • Send test emails
  • Manual SMTP connection – no setup wizard
  • Lightweight

6- Gmail SMTP

The Gmail SMTP plugin is specifically developed to facilitate the connection between your WordPress site and Gmail as the designated SMTP server. This plugin provides a viable solution if you prefer using your Gmail account to send WordPress emails.

One notable advantage of Gmail SMTP is its utilization of OAuth 2.0 for login authentication, replacing the conventional username and password approach. This implementation significantly enhances security, surpassing traditional login methods.

While Gmail SMTP may have limited functionality compared to other SMTP plugins, it effectively fulfills the task of sending WordPress emails using your Gmail account.

Key Features:

  • Authenticate with encryption when sending an email
  • Authenticate using OAuth 2.0 protocol
  • Configure your website to send email using the Gmail SMTP server

Wrap Up

And there you have it! You now understand the features and benefits of top WordPress SMTP plugins. Our goal is to assist you in selecting the most suitable option for your website.

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