6 Topics To Highlight The Feminist Movement In Your Research Paper


We all agree that feminism is undoubtedly a fascinating and strong topic to learn and write about. The feminist movement has thousands of followers all over the world. But there are also people with different schools of thought. However, it is a complex and broad subject with many topics to research. It covers all the political, social and historical points related to women. If you get the task of writing a research paper on feminism, then you might get confused due to the complexity and variety of topics.

To select a perfect topic, you need to make sure that you have an interest in it and have the correct information, as it is a sensitive subject. You can choose to address issues or topics like women’s empowerment, political participation and many more. In this blog, we have given sample topics that can be perfect for your research. So to increase the spark and deliver the best research paper on feminism, let’s read!

List Of Good Feminist-Related Topics For Successful Research

The Role Of The Internet In A Woman’s Life

The Internet is a great tool in the modern world. It has increased the interconnectedness and availability of information for everyone. For women, it is proved to be a great way to break confined boundaries. If you choose this topic for research, then you might find vast information, facts and examples related to women’s empowerment through the Internet. In the modern world, the Internet, especially social media, is playing a crucial role in giving good opportunities to women to excel in the competitive environment. It provides them with individuality and a self-identity. Young girls now have to freedom to express their opinion and thoughts through social media platforms.

However, if you select the topic “impact of the internet on feminism”, then you have to add the other perspective as well, like people are disgracing girls and objectifying them through social media. If you lack writing and research skills to write on such a strong topic, you can hire experts who provide assignment writing services.

Can Feminism Achieve Gender Equality?

Every person wants to get equal rights and treatment in the society. All resources and opportunities should be given to every individual. However, there is a lot of discrimination in our surroundings, especially gender inequality. It is a social menace that discourages women. The feminist movement focuses on giving similar rights to women. To write a research paper about this topic, you have to write solutions to tackle the gender inequality problems, such as education or elimination of violence. By giving proper education on their rights and other things, women can stand for their rights. They can speak against violence and other harmful practices such as abuse, early marriages, and many more.

The Main Concept Of Feminism

The basic concept of feminism revolves around the efforts to remove any sort of social injustice to women. The feminist movement works to break the oppression made by a male-dominated society. To research the concepts of feminism, you need to do an in-depth study on gender equality and equity. You can cover feminism as a political and social movement that works to bring the right of women. The major impacts of the movement were the right to vote, do a job, get an education, etc.

The Importance Of Feminism In The Life Of A Women

Feminism has undeniably helped women by fighting for their rights and working towards gender equality. Over the years, feminist movements have fought against systemic discrimination, gender-based violence, and oppressive social norms. Through their efforts, feminists have successfully challenged patriarchal society and achieved significant advancements in areas such as workplace equality and access to education.

By promoting women’s empowerment and highlighting the need for equal opportunities, feminism has played a crucial role in creating an equitable society. While there may be differing opinions and debates within the feminist movement, overall, it has been a powerful force in advancing women’s rights rather than endangering them. To write a research paper on such a topic, you first need to build a good understanding. If you can’t clearly change your own thoughts into words, then getting assignment help London is a better option.

The Beginning Of The Feminist Movement

The idea of feminism started in 1495; Christine de Pizan, an Italian writer, crafted a book about the position and value of women in society. It was the first time the problem of lack of women’s rights was noted by the people. Later the idea was carried on by French women during the revolution. There were many crucial steps like the declaration of women’s rights, protests and many other things.

All the steps and efforts resulted in a positive way. The movement was popular in Europe and America as well, and little girls were allowed to get an education due to it. If you choose to write on this topic, you can add the timeline and top names that gave all their efforts to the success of the feminist movement.

The Popular Myths Related To Feminism

Nowadays, people have formed a wrong image of feminism. There are many myths revolving around that is decreasing the credibility of the feminist movement. People believe that the concept is to hate men and their role in society. However, this is not true; feminism believes in gender equality and equity of all the existing genders. The other myth is that only women can become feminists. This is not true; anyone who believes that women are facing social problems can be called a feminist, irrespective of their gender.

There are many other myths as well that you can cover in this topic. It can be interesting to read and can spark your interest as well. However, if you don’t feel comfortable writing on such sensitive topics, then Manchester assignment help from any credible service provider can assist you in creating a strong research paper.


Conducting research on feminist topics and writing on them can be a powerful and transformative attempt. By learning about the topics in this blog, you can explore gender equality, challenge social norms, and contribute to the improvement of the feminist movement.

Remember, the first step in a research paper is to choose a topic that reflects your thoughts and aligns with your research interests. In writing, strive for clarity and a persuasive argument. Use history and facts to support your claims. By reading the blog, you can get an idea of the topic that you can choose to write an engaging and impactful research paper regarding feminism.

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