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You’ve probably heard of AiSchedul if you’ve ever looked for a way to schedule Instagram posts without paying anything. In this post, we’ll examine the specifics of this platform, including its offerings, pricing, and benefits and drawbacks. Let’s dive in and find out why this Instagram scheduler is so well-regarded.

What is AiSchedul?

AiSchedul is an Instagram management suite that lets you schedule posts and stories across many accounts, manage Instagram accounts in bulk, and much more. AiSchedul is also an alternative to Picuki. Additionally, it is coupled with growth services, DM management tools, and an all-in-one bio link tool to help you naturally build your Instagram followers from a single dashboard. But if you want to know how it operates and what functions it has read on!

AiSchedul Features

The Instagram marketing tools you need, including the AiSchedul Instagram scheduler, are all in one place. I’ll explain each function in turn below. But first, let’s check out how to sign up on Instagram and add profiles:

1st. Click here to go for sign up Input your name, last name, and email address, and set a strong password. Then, click “Register Now.”.

2nd. On your dashboard, click “Add Instagram Account” and add as many accounts as you like.

Note: You can add up to 80 accounts to your dashboard and manage them all in one place, so don’t hesitate to add all your accounts and save yourself a lot of time.

It’s time to use the features of AiSchedul and manage your accounts intelligently now that you have created your account.

Instagram Scheduler

AiSchedul is mainly famous for its amazing Instagram scheduler. It allows you to:

  • You can schedule posts and stories for free,
  • Share multiple hashtags on your first comment by searching for them,
  • You can also share your scheduled posts on stories,
  • Posts and stories on Instagram can be reposted,
  • Automate the deletion of scheduled posts after a specific period of time,
  • You can import photos via Unsplash instead of uploading them.
  • Make your posts and stories more engaging by adding external links,
  • To avoid being blocked by Instagram, share posts on your multiple accounts simultaneously or with specific time differences.

Simply click the scheduler option on your dashboard, upload the content you wish to schedule or repost, add any necessary captions, and choose the time and date.

Listening & Repost App

AiSchedul also provides you with an Instagram monitoring app. Using the “Listening & Repost” section of the tool, you will be able to:

  • Track and monitor multiple hashtags on Instagram,
  • See your competitors’ latest posts and activity without following them,
  • Manage your Instagram mentions and repost them directly to your accounts if necessary,
  • To check or repost later, save the photos and videos you like and categorize them.

Run Automatic Giveaway Contests

As you may already know, if you are building a brand on Instagram and want to grow your business in a short period of time, Instagram giveaway contests can really help you boost your followers in 1-2 weeks. It can take a lot of time, however, to run Instagram giveaways, set rules, track user actions, and select the contest winner.

AiSchedul also has a solution for this. With AiSchedul’s “Post & Reward” app, you can automate your Instagram giveaway contests and save time.

Social Calendar

In the end, the Instagram content calendar is the last option that will help you manage your content intellectually and share high-quality and creative posts on your account. Using this content calendar, you’ll know about all special events, see the latest posts about a specific date, and repost the content on your own account.

AiSchedul Pricing

There are 3 different plans offered by AiSchedul. As you can see in the image below, there’s a free plan, which allows you to schedule at most 5 posts a month and automate giveaway contests. You can, however, get unlimited access to these fascinating features by buying the Pro package, which costs just $19 per month.

AiSchedul Pros and Cons

We discussed in previous sections that this platform has many amazing features. However, I can say it is far superior to similar platforms because:

  • It offers a free plan for Forever
  • It is free to add up to 80 accounts to your dashboard,
  • Among all of the apps and tools available for managing Instagram posts and stories, it has the most comprehensive package.
  • The service works on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and other operating systems just by opening a web browser;
  • It is integrated with amazing growth, DM, and bio-link tools.

If I want to mention some of its Cons, I may just say that:

A poor UI/UX design.

There are definitely more pros than cons, and it’s worth giving a try.

Bottom Line

Managing multiple accounts, publishing content, engaging with your audience, and managing multiple accounts on Instagram requires you to keep track of many activities and manage your time. So, to avoid making mistakes or missing the best time to post on Instagram, we recommend using an Instagram scheduler and automating as many tasks as you can. Here, we reviewed AiSchedul, a top Instagram scheduler.

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