Amazing Tips To Create Professional Custom Pie Boxes

custom pie boxes

When we go to a bakery shop, we see a large variety of edibles with different sizes, shapes, and tastes such as pies, cookies, biscuits, and cakes. Pie is one of the most popular bakery items that come in custom pie boxes. Almost all people of all ages love to eat different bakery products according to their taste.

Pie is a delicate bakery product that needs sturdy and protective packaging that can keep the product fresh and tasty. Renowned bakery brands create premium quality pie boxes wholesale according to their design ideas and packaging budget.

Popular and successful bakery brands invest a hefty amount in their custom packaging to make their pie products shine among other brands’ products. You can customize the pie box packaging using any box style, shape, and size according to your particular demands.

Designing Top-Notch Packaging For Custom Pie Boxes

Creating catchy and premium quality packaging boxes for pie products is no more complex for bakery brands. Whether you are a newcomer in the bakery food industry or an established bakery brand, you can create attractive and perfect product boxes for your brand using trendy and professional product box packaging design approaches.

Here are five key tips to create eye-grabbing and professional pie box packaging for your food company:

1- Best Packaging Material

The right choice of packaging material for product box creation has great value not only for brands but also for consumers. Paper materials are the best option for making professional custom pie boxes.

Kraft and cardboard are examples of these stocks that are also eco-friendly, lightweight, and easy to customize in any design according to the product packaging requirements set by the bakery brands. These materials are the best options to create protective and food-grade packaging for pie products.

For food product shipping purposes corrugated cardboard is used that provides extensive protection to the delicate edible products. Brands create pie shipping boxes to deliver their fresh products to their target customers’ doorstep with entire security.

2- Fit Size Of The Product Box

The perfect and fit size of the box should be ensured to protect the product from internal or external damage. Those custom boxes that are created according to the product size don’t allow the product to be loose in the box. Consequently, it protects them from potential damages caused by shocks and accidents during the delivery process. Furthermore, you can also choose the perfect shape of the pie box that is unique and trendy in the competitive bakery market.

3- Handy Style For Pie Box

The product boxes should be easy to open and use for consumers. Customers prefer to get products that are easy to use and unbox for them and ignore those products that have complicated packaging styles and designs. For instance, for custom pie boxes you can use different packaging styles that provide the customers with a happy and handy user experience. These box styles can include:

  • Sleeve box
  • Gable box
  • Box with handle
  • Pyramid shape box
  • Square shape box
  • And many other styles

These styles are also perfect for multiple bakery product boxes that attract customers with their enticing outlook and premium quality design.

4- Using Inserts On Pie Boxes

Food product presentation at the countertop of the bakery shop attracts customers and urges them to buy the products. Pie is a small-size product that you can place in a large box with inserts to keep them safe from other pie products placed in the same larger counter display box.

Consequently, these inserts divide the products and provide the customers an ease to pick the products from the box. Moreover, you also can create pie boxes with window features that allow customers to see the product quality without touching or opening the box.

5- Simple Designs With Logo

Using the simple design in your custom pie boxes is key to making your products look catchy and professional. People ignore those products that are made with ugly designs, a lot of colors with complex and difficult-to-read textual content. By using your brand’s logo, essential information about the bakery brand and the pie product, and simple illustrations and images, you can create simple pie cartons.

Summarizing Up The Blog

These are key ways to create premium quality and catchy custom pie boxes that attract customers to your brand, protect the product, and help in marketing and promoting your brands in the competitive bakery market.

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