Baltimore to New York by Train: A Guide to Your Trip

baltimore to new york train

Two of the most favoured American cities are Baltimore and New York, and for good reason. There is a plethora of history, culture, and activities to discover in both towns. You might be asking how to get there if you’re thinking about visiting either city. Even if there are numerous possibilities, catching the train from Baltimore to New York is a great choice.

It’s not difficult to get from Baltimore to New York City. The Crescent has complimentary WiFi, power outlets, and more legroom, much like every other Amtrak train. A one-way train ticket on the Crescent costs as little as $144 and takes around 3 hours and 8 beats to go from Baltimore to New York. It takes 191 miles (or 307 kilometres) to get directly from Baltimore to New York City. If you’re driving from Baltimore to New York City, you may still find some fantastic stops along the way. Philadelphia, Lancaster, Wilmington, Princeton, Staten Island, and Newark are the leading megacities in the region between Baltimore and New York City. The most populated city along the route is Philadelphia, which anyone can reach in two hours from Baltimore and two hours from New York City. Here you can find information about the Baltimore to New York trains in this post.


The national railway service for passengers in the US is called Amtrak. There are numerous Baltimore and New York trains that run every day. The trip is completed in roughly 2 hours and 15 minutes by the fastest trains and up to 3 hours by the slowest. Amtrak trains come equipped with a number of conveniences, such as cosy seats, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets.


Amtrak’s high-speed rail service is called Acela. With a 2-hour journey time, it provides the fastest Baltimore to New York trains. Although more expensive than standard Amtrak trains, Acela trains provide a number of extra features, such as roomy seats, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets.

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Other Options

There are a few additional train companies that run services between Baltimore and New York in addition to Amtrak. These consist of the New Jersey Transit train service as well as the MARC train service, which is run by the Maryland Department of Transportation. Although it travels more slowly than Amtrak, the commuter train MARC offers more frequent service. Regional transport between New York and New Jersey is provided by the New Jersey Transit train. For those coming to or from New Jersey, it is a fantastic choice.

Which Train Should You Take?

Depending on your travel requirements and budget, a train may be the ideal option for you. Acela is the best choice if you want the fastest and most opulent alternative. The MARC train is a fantastic choice if you’re on a tight budget. The New Jersey Transit train is a wonderful option if you’re seeking for a train that runs more frequently.

You will have a great time on your vacation to Baltimore or New York no matter which train you decide to take. The naples to florence train are a fantastic way to see both cities, which have a lot to offer.

You can do the following things in Baltimore:

  • Investigate the Inner Harbour, a waterfront neighbourhood featuring a range of boutiques, eateries, and attractions.
  • Visit the National Aquarium, one of the country’s largest aquariums.
  • Explore the historic neighbourhood of Fells Point, which has a bustling nightlife.
  • Visit the Hippodrome Theatre, a venerable venue that presents Broadway productions and other acts.
  • Go to the Maryland Zoo, which is home to more than 1,200 animals.

The attractive places of New York are:

  • Visit Times Square, a well-liked tourist site famed for its dazzling lights and Broadway performances, to see one of New York’s appealing locations.
  • NYC’s Times Square: Take in a performance on Broadway, the world’s most renowned theatre area.
  • Boulevard in New York: Visit the Empire State Building, a famous skyscraper that offers breathtaking metropolitan views.
  • New York’s Empire State Building: Wander through Central Park, a sizable green space in the middle of Manhattan.
  • One of the biggest and most renowned museums in the world is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Whatever kind of trip you’re looking for, Baltimore and New York have something to offer. Experience these two fantastic cities for yourself by taking the train.

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