Beginner’s Buying Guide for Choosing the best Longines Watch

best Longines Watch

Longines is one of the 19 watch brands that make up the Swiss conglomerate Swatch Group. The firm, headquartered in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, manufactures high-end timepieces using an advanced in-house inventory and component supply system. Longines was not included in the top 10 largest Swiss watchmakers ten years ago. However, it is one of only six brands with over CHF 1 billion in annual revenues.

Longines offers a variety of alternatives, with the restriction that any conceivable contrast in the strap and dial color. Longines automatic watch can appeal to a wide range of customers thanks to its wide selection of watch models and its strategic pricing within the Swatch Group, which places it at par with the luxury brand Rado.

Brand ambassadors for Longines include celebrities like Kate Winslet, Mikaela Shiffrin, and Andre Agassi, who represent alpine skiing, archery, and equestrian sports. In India it is represented by Aishwarya Rai Bacchan. The winged hourglass logo, the company’s high-profile collaborations, and high output of high-end watches have helped make the Longines name synonymous with quality and prestige worldwide.

The Origins of Longines

Longines’ roots go back well before the chain of mergers that eventually formed the Swatch Group. Established in 1832, the Swiss watchmaker made history in 1878 when it created the first chronograph timepiece movement, the caliber H20. In 1886, Longines began providing pocket watches with chronograph features to be used in timing professional horse competitions.

In 1913, Longines released a 29mm chronograph with the reference number 13.33Z, marking the beginning of the brand’s move from pocket to wrist watches. As flying gained prominence following World War I, Longines became its official timepiece supplier. The brand was one of the “Dirty Dozen” businesses hired by the British Ministry of Defense to produce watches for British soldiers during World War II. Notable people who wore Longines watches in the early 20th century included Albert Einstein, Humphrey Bogart, and Amelia Earhart.

Longines developed ultra-thin mechanical movements in the 1970s as an alternative to producing quartz movements. These delicate mechanisms served as a stopgap until 1983 when Longines became a part of the Societe Suisse de Microélectronique et d’Horlogerie (SMH), the forerunner of the current Swatch Group.

A “Certificate of Authenticity” or an “Extract from the Archives” can be requested by owners of Longines watches to learn more about the history of their timepieces, which are tracked by serial number. The brand’s winged hourglass logo is still the oldest registered trademark on the planet that is still used for its original purpose.

Pick Your Perfect Watch!

Pick Your Watch Based on Your Personality

Longines Watches have been around for a long time, and their designs have remained consistent with their brand image throughout the years. If you think about style, look at the series with a decent look that is bursting with tradition and the series with a rich look that women also desire.

1. For a traditional atmosphere, you can try the La Grande Classique.

If you’re looking for a timepiece that evokes a sense of history, we recommend “La Grande Classique .” This one is reported to have faithfully reproduced the colonial period’s model and likewise has the charm of an antique timepiece. If you ever like a collection with custom as the keyword, you can sense Longines’ narrative concurrently.

2. The Dolce Vita collection is an excellent choice for an impressive and beautiful look.

Check out the “Elegant Collection” or “Dolce Vita” if you’re more interested in luxury. Longines has always placed a strong emphasis on elegance. With the now-famous phrase “Elegance is an attitude,” the company’s communication displays this trait and its products. The dials of other high-end models that feature crystals are also worthy of consideration.

This model is also of the slim square variety; it distinguishes itself from the crowd by a unique and appealing hallmark. When worn, it always results in a more attractive and feminine charm. Additionally, “Equestrian,” which has a unique look, is well-known as a trendy model.

Choose A Series Based On What Features You Want

It’s no secret that Longines watches for women are top-notch, but their innovative design and construction methods are what really set them apart. Choosing a watch based on its features is a great way to narrow your options.

1. Master Collection and Record are excellent choices if visual appeal is your top priority.

If you’re looking for a high-end timepiece, the “Master Collection” is your best bet. It’s one of the lines representing the culmination of Longines’ years of work in the watch industry, and it features some very beautiful pieces. High-performance color-wheel adaption serves as the basis for a reserve of power.

2. Choose Conquest if you value precision.

When it comes to precision, however, the “Conquest” model is your best bet because it features the most reliable quartz model, “V.H.P.,” in the history of Swiss quartz watches. Compared to other high-precision Swiss watches, its accuracy is light-years ahead. Thus it attracts a lot of attention from all over the world.

Think About The Watch Movement If You Want Quality

Whether to use a quartz movement or an automatic watch is an important consideration for anyone in need of a wristwatch. If you require a highly trustworthy timepiece that can be used for an extended period of time, go for a quartz model. But while looking at Longines automatic watches, it’s important to consider the model specifically.

1. If you desire a quartz watch, go with the high-precision “L288.”

When it comes to system quality, “L288” is the gold standard that the Longines group firms produce on their own. Among quartz timepieces, this model has the reputation of being the most precisely crafted watch ever. With that caveat, it’s no surprise that it would pique people’s interest everywhere.

While it’s true that Japanese companies are well-known for their superior quartz accuracy, Longines has managed to remind the world why their watches are so highly regarded in the first place by developing quartz with even more precision.

2. Go for one of the best self-winding models available, the “L688.”

If you’re set on a “self-winding” watch, we recommend the Longines model fitted with the ETA caliber 688, a special movement designed and manufactured just for Longines. Although, it was released and implemented in the column-wheel chronograph model in 2010, its construction is more lavishly finished than that of a standard ETA development.


The Longines automatic watch collection has been a worldwide phenomenon for generations. Each new model reflects a commitment to the brand’s heritage, elegance, and performance. Also known as a subsidiary of Swatch Group Ltd, the preeminent producer of timepieces in the world. Check out Kapoor Watch Co. immediately if you’re interested in purchasing a Longines timepiece, as they now offer the best Longines men’s watch price in India.

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