Dangers Posed by Wasps’ Infestation of Your Home

Wasps are outdoor species that have wings and a fearful sting. If they invade your home you are in grave danger and so are your pets. Wasps considered as environment friendly is not friendly to human and will attack you if you approach them or pass by their nests. You cannot get physical with wasps because they have greater mobility and have wings to fly. They can be devastating with their stings and a group attack can result in fatalities. It is important that you tread carefully when you are nearby their nest and do not do foolish attempts like swatting them with a fly swatter. You will need speed and accuracy to kill them by hand so it is better left to professional outfits like BBPP, the best wasps nest removal Vaughan and also serving the nearby towns and get rid of their nests.

Wasps can cause the following inconveniences  

  • You are not free to live life normally with wasps around
  • Wasps nesting on your wall or ceiling, eves or wall crevices can sting you any time they wish and you will have to live with this fear in mind
  • Wasps being territorial will assume that the area around their nest is theirs hence won’t allow you to trespass
  • Even animated talks or waving of hands near their nest can attract their attention which will be followed by wasps launching aerial attack on you.
  • Wasps are hugely attracted sweet scents and colorful flowers and plants. This may work adversely for you because they will come after you if you wear sweet scents or colorful shirts.
  • You will have to think twice before hosting a BBQ party in the lawn. Smell of roasting meat and sweet drinks is irresistible for wasps. Left over soda or juice can be a great attraction and so are the meat scraps and residues. Your party will end midway because wasps will buzz around your ears.
  • Wasps can put you in shock with repeated stings to your skin. If you are allergic to wasps venom you should avoid wasps at all costs, because their sting can escalate allergy and you will need hospitalization
  • Pets, elders and kids are not safe from them. Pets and children are playful and could chase wasps inadvertently and become victims of their stings. Elders are too slow to react and will end up getting stung multiple times

You should be cautious with wasps’ nests around because they can inflict pain and bodily harm with their stings. Things can get worse with their continued occupation of your home, and if the infestation happens to be by yellow jacket wasps. Yellow jackets are the most dangerous among wasps and their stings can be excruciating pain and allergy and a possible hospitalization of the victim.

How to get rid of them?

Remove all that are attractive to wasps from your home premises and can use home remedies like honey traps. However these may not work if the infestation is bigger and the nests are in inaccessible and ungainly places. Your best bet to remove their nest from your home is to call professional help like BBPP, expert pest control service Vaughan and highly sought after wasp removal team in nearby areas. Contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or by sending mail to [email protected] and also get a free quote for their wasp removal service.


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