Eligibility Requirements for a Visitor Visa for Canada

Canada is a wonderful place to work, live and travel. Its pristine lake, picturesque beauty, and diversity can mesmerize you completely. And if you’re eager to explore its beauty and vibrant community, then you need to start the right way through a visitor visa. We know it’s a daunting task to get one. 

With no help and incomplete information, navigating through all immigration rules and regulations can be tiring. But don’t worry, there’s always a solution to all the problems. The first thing is to understand visitor visa requirements for Canada. From proper documents to providing proof of ties to the home country, most people fail in many immigration aspects. Once you have fulfilled all the eligibility requirements, you can get a visitor visa. So, let’s dive in and learn about all the eligibility requirements,

Why Do People Take Visitor Visas?

As the name says, a visitor visa is for immigrants who wish to travel to Canada for various purposes like holiday, working, or meeting family or friends. It’s more like a temporary resident visa.  

Minimum Requirements 

You have to meet certain minimal requirements in order to be eligible for a visitor’s visa; however, it does not guarantee that you will receive a visitor visa because the final decision is made by the government based on these requirements and other individual applications. Ensure you meet these requirements to increase your chances of approval.

  • You must have valid travel documents like a passport and ID proof of your home country. 
  • You should have a purpose to visit Canada because the government takes it seriously. So, be clear about the purpose – are you visiting to meet family or friends, business trip or to travel?
  • You should show that you intend to visit Canada for a purpose and will later return to your home country because of ties like a job, family, or business.
  • You need to have good financial conditions to support all the expenses in the city, like travel expenses, accommodation, food, or healthcare. Overall, you should be financially independent to support your stay in Canada. 
  • You should be in good health because the government is too strict about public health. Therefore, they ensure that visitors from any country are healthy and safe from diseases to protect the public health of Canada. 
  • You should not have any criminal record and not be imposed for law violations like unauthorized stay, illegal work, or involvement in criminal activities. This can increase the chances of visa rejection.
  • You must have an invitation letter if visiting Canada to meet family or friends. The letter states the relationship between the visitor and residents along with the purpose, duration, accommodation, and other important details. 


Documents are part of the eligibility requirements. Check if you have all of them sorted in one place. The required documents include:

  • A valid passport with personal information, issue and expiry date properly printed
  • Two passport-size-coloured photographs 
  • Proof of financial status, which proves that you are financially stable and can support yourself and your family during your stay in Canada (salary slips, bank statements, property, FDs or any legal document that shows your current financial status)
  • A cover letter to understand your reason for visiting Canada – clearly stating why the government should provide you with a visitor visa 
  • If you’re visiting to meet family or friends, a letter of invitation is required from the Canadian family

The visa application form should be correct, download it from the official government website, fill it and then submit all the documents along with the application.

Visa Application Process from India

  1. Gather all the documents required for your visa application.
  2. Complete the application form correctly. Make sure you take your time and fill out the application without errors. 
  3. Pay the application fee online.
  4. If you are applying from India, you need to submit your biometrics like fingerprints or photographs.
  5. Once everything is done correctly, apply to the nearest visa centre. 
  6. Since the processing time varies from 6 to 12 months, it’s a good idea to plan everything. 
  7. If required, you will be asked to attend an interview. 
  8. Once everything goes fine and your visa is approved, you will be given a passport with the stamp of the country you are visiting. In case it gets rejected, you will be notified of the reason.

The application fee for a visa will be around 100 CAD, and for biometrics, you may have to pay around 85 CAD.

A tourist visa for Canada can be done right if you follow the steps and procedures properly. The process is complex and you may get overwhelmed at some point in time, so it’s a good idea to take assistance from the immigration service for Canada. These experts can navigate you through all the complex procedures and requirements without errors. So, if you have doubts and find it tough to navigate, then don’t hesitate to take assistance from these immigration professionals. 

Visiting Canada can be exciting; you would not want to miss exploring its beauty. Get your visa and get ready to explore the country. This was all about the eligibility requirements, complete steps and documents needed for your tourist visa. We hope this information was helpful.

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