A Guide To Hiring Employees For Your Repair Business

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With many people using smartphones worldwide, there is a great need for repair services. More people prefer to repair their smartphones rather than replace them. The increasing trend for improving smartphones might overwhelm you as owners with the workload at your repair shop. You have hit a point where more repair jobs are coming in than you can handle. To handle the workload, you will need more working, helping hands. But hiring new employees is daunting, and you need to be careful as wrong hires can result in absenteeism, high turnover, healthcare costs, theft, etc. Substantially, such hires can harm your repair store’s reputation.

This article will provide a guideline you can follow whenever you hire someone. These steps include finding the right person, once hired, then taking their words on legal documents and training them.

Finding The Right People

When you consider hiring employees for your cell phone repair shop, make sure to hire people with the right skills and experience. They should be genuinely interested in the technology and knowledgeable in the industry. The right people for your repair business are the ones that are passionate about cell phone and computer repair. Moreover, the employees must also be enthusiastic about helping customers and possess strong customer service skills. It is because they will be interacting with customers daily. The best approach is hiring employees on a trial week and watching them closely. If you don’t find the right person immediately, tell them they are unsuitable for your business and move to find the better ones.

Get Their Words On Legal Documents

When you find a suitable employee, you must take their signatures on three essential documents before confirming them.

·         New Employee Form

First, you need to give them a form that will record all their personal and other information and define their role in your business. This form, namely the new employee form, will officially declare the person as your new employee. After signing this piece of paper, your new employee will accept their responsibilities as a part of your team.

·         Non-Disclosure Agreement

Next, you need to have your employee sign the non-disclosure agreement to ensure they don’t give your sensitive information to anyone, not even by accident. It is essential once your new employee starts working with you at your repair store, they will have access to confidential information that you cannot risk letting other people know—for example, your daily sales, marketing ideas and strategies, vendor details etc.

·         Non-Competent Agreement

Lastly, you need to take their signatures on non-competent agreements to avoid new employees who get all the training from the store owner and then open their own repair business. Such employees waste the owner’s time and challenge their business by opening a store next door.

Train Them

Once you hire the right people, you must provide them with appropriate training. It includes providing them with the know-how of the policies and procedures of the business. Moreover, any technical training is required to repair a cell phone successfully. Furthermore, training employees on customer service is also essential for providing a positive customer experience. Let them breathe, make mistakes, share their queries, seek your help, and reach the point where they no longer need your hand.

Manage Their Activities with a POS Software

As soon as your new employee starts the basic store operations, you can set up their accounts on your repair shop software. It will make managing tasks much more accessible and more manageable. With the best software in place, your employees can create instant repair tickets and invoices and update the status of their repair jobs. It will save lots of time as work becomes more manageable and smooth. Moreover, it will be easier to track their daily, weekly, and monthly performances and reward them accordingly.

Finally, if you want to take charge of your business, then take steps to hire employees. With careful thought and preparation, you can hire employees successfully. Once hired, then trained these employees to boost productivity. The measures provided in this article give a guideline for hiring employees. Finding the right people might be time-consuming, but it will be worth your time.

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