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Namkeens are one of those things, which create the hype and vibe of the festivals. People don’t feel like the festival is coming until they see namkeens in their homes. You may want to enjoy the festival also, and because of that, you may want to know about namkeens. You may not get that taste on the namkeens, which you bought from the market. Because the love, with which your mother, wife or anybody made at home, that you don’t find in the market is made namkeen. But all the namkeens, which are found in the market, are not handmade. Because of that, all that namkeen you may not find in your home. So we don’t want you to have any type of confusion. Because of that, we are going to tell you about the names of those namkeens, which you can easily make at home as handmade namkeens. You are going to know about a lot of handmade namkeens, which you can easily make at your home. When you have these handmade namkeens at home, then the joy and happiness in the festival are going to increase very much. You see the handmade namkeens, and make your festival happier with it. 

Namak pare 

If you are that type of person, who loves to eat that type of namkeens, which are crispy, soft and delicious at the same time. Then the Namak Pare are handmade namkeens, which can fulfill all your desire which you have from a namkeen. Namak Pare is a namkeen, which you may have surely eaten during your childhood. Namak Pare is a thing, which is very easy to make and anybody can make it by themselves. You can easily order or buy this namak pare online also, just like you order cake online whenever you have someone’s birthday or have any other celebration. Namak Pare is a handmade namkeen, which you have at your festival. Then your festival of yours is going to be one of the best, which you ever have had in your life. 


You know there is always one item in every category, which perfectly blends with all the things. The Sev of the namkeen category is one of that namkeen, which you can eat with anything. Sev is made of gram flour and it is not only very easy to eat but very easy to make also. There are many varieties, which you are going to have in this namkeen. The shape of it’s so thin, that you can not have a lot of it in your hand. You can easily digest it, and it is one of the perfect namkeen for any festival. If you are feeling hungry during the evening time, then this is best for that time. 


If you want to eat that type of namkeen, which is not only tasty to eat. But at the same time, it is lightweight, crispy, delicious, and other things. The chakli is a namkeen, which is very delicious and at the same time beautiful as well. People get loved and mesmerized by the shape and design of the chakli. Because other handmade namkeen doesn’t come in this type of shape. The chakli is something which you can easily get in big cities also without having any issues. You can order it online and get even delivery of it also, just like you have online cake delivery in Bangalore. Your festival is going to be very special when you have chakli in it. You may have some nostalgic thoughts when you eat these chakli during the festival. 


The mathri is one of those handmade namkeens, which is eatable for a very long period of time. If you are making it once, then after that you can save it by filling it in a jar or any other. You can eat it whenever you want later on, not only this but this is considered as one of the best namkeen for the traveler. The mathri not only helps you during travel, but it will help you during the festival time as well. So make your festival more exciting and delicious by having mathri during that time. 

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Namkeens are one of those things, which are like the soul of the festival. When you or anyone has handmade namkeens, then it feels like you have a pure soul. You got to know about many handmade namkeens, which you can make and made your festival extra special with it. The taste and smell of the handmade namkeens is something, which is so mesmerizing that you forget about everything. You just wanted to enjoy the namkeens, without doing anything. This type of feeling you surely going to have, when you eat handmade namkeens.

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