Outstanding Customized Option for Custom Cardboard Display Boxes

custom cardboard display boxes

The customizable nature of cardboard paper makes it the favorite material choice for retail owners. the best thing about cardboard boxes is that they are highly customizable and cost-effective as well. You can personalize these boxes in preferable layouts, designs, and shapes per your demands. You can give cardboard display boxes a classy look by adding any feature and outstand it on the top of the shelves. In this blog, we are going to aware you of some techniques that help in the customization of premium quality cardboard display boxes wholesale.

Cardboard Display Boxes Wholesale:

Customized packaging has become an integral part of outlet or online retail brands. You cannot expect to succeed in business with traditional packaging. Display boxes have become more popular for retail companies. They are placed on the counter shelves to promote the brand’s products. The creative design of display boxes enhances the visibility and appeal of retail items. The clients cannot resist themselves but get attracted to the products. custom cardboard display boxes add more grace to the product’s packaging and present them very professionally before the audiences.

Customize Cardboard Packaging in Preferable Shapes and Designs:

One of the essentials of cardboard packaging is that it gives you unlimited options for the box’s design. Following the product’s dimensions, you can customize the box into any custom shape and size. Cardboard paper is lightweight and easy to modify. Small cardboard display boxes are good for the storage of delicate and small-size products. besides, you can design a box auto-bottom box with a display lid. The printing of the lid with the brand’s logo and product details gives a very branded look to the product’s packaging.

Give a Unique Look to Display Packaging with additional Finishings:

Cardboard paper is accustomed to prints and extra finishings. The furnishings of the box with embellishments and add-ons provide a delightful look to the product’s packaging. You can enhance the worth of Cardboard packaging wholesale with the following solutions:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foil stamping

Embossing and debossing are enhancing the vibrancy of colors and give a three-dimensional effect to the images. You can choose to emboss to uplift the design pattern of particular graphics. On the other hand, hot foil stamping is used to amplify the logo image or any other important text. Hot foiling is available in various colors. The silver and gold foiling come in the most recommendable options.

Enhance the Product’s Safety with Display Packaging Inserts:

Cardboard display boxes are multipurpose. You can bring them in use to display a wide range of products. the application of inserts in the box gives ultimate protection to the products. the products stay organized in their place and become immune to damage.  You can make packaging interesting by designing inserts in different shapes and layouts. Punch partitions are popular to stock edibles like candies, chocolates, etc. however, you can pick out kraft, cardboard, and foam inserts. Custom cardboard boxes are an appropriate choice for display packaging.

Who is Offering the Top-Quality Cardboard Display Boxes? Choose ICB

Newbies in the retail business and do not know whom to choose for customized packaging? Looking for a reliable packaging manufacturer? iCustomBoxes is the ultimate place to order product display boxes and cardboard boxes. You can get the box in your required material, design, and size with the assistance of our designers. Moreover, our boxes are recyclable and sturdy. We use eco-friendly material, printed inks, and laminations to produce a 100% compostable box. apart from it, we offer additional facilities for the comfort of our customers. These are as follows:

  • Free and instant quote
  • Quickest turnaround
  • Free shipment worldwide
  • No plates and die-cut charges
  • Live chat facility
  • Market competitive prices
  • Technical assistance
  • Customer support 24/7

What is the importance of custom cardboard display boxes?

the main purpose of display packaging is to capture the attention of clients toward the brand’s products. besides, products stay secure

what additional solution do you offer for display packaging?

cardboard display packaging is accustomed to a plethora of customized options. However, our add-ons options include embossing, debossing, gloss finish, aqueous coating, matt lamination, and inserts, etc.

Do you offer services at wholesale and what is MOQ?

Yes, we are offering our services at wholesale. our MOQ includes 100 boxes. Thus, you can order in bulk quantity to save the budget.

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