Pilonidal Cyst Abscess: Who Can Diagnose & Treat The Disease In The Right Way?

who treats pilonidal cyst

As we know pilonidal cyst is located near the upper section of your buttocks & it’s not a life-threatening or chronic disease. You can quickly get rid of it but, what if there is an abscess in the cyst? It causes much pain and discomfort and may cause fever or nausea if left untreated. So, at this moment the right thing to do is to find a doctor who can diagnose the issue correctly and treat it with the best medical care. However, do you know anyone in particular who can be of great help at this time? Any doctor? Any specialist? Well, if you don’t have any idea about who treats pilonidal cyst abscesses, let me help you to find out!

Should You Go to your Primary care doctor first?

If you are going to your primary care doctor first, you need to tell him everything about the cyst, abscess, and the pain it’s causing. He may prescribe you some painkillers and antibiotics that help in reducing the inflammation. redness and pain but it is not a permanent solution to your problem. You have to ask your doctor if he can refer you to a top specialist in the city who can treat the cyst and remove it from your body. Primary care doctors have connections with such specialists who work in different fields like cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, and colorectal surgeons. They know everything related to doctors in the city and their recommendation is important as it may land you with an excellent option.

Who are these specialists we are talking about?              

These specialists are doctors with advanced degrees in their respective fields. As we are talking about treating the pilonidal cyst abscess, the best choice we have is a good colorectal surgeon who has experience with such cases and can give a better treatment to the patients. The colorectal surgeon can make the correct diagnoses without any delay. they have seen such things before which does not confuse them anymore.

Can you trust a colorectal surgeon for removing the pilonidal cyst?

Yes, you have to trust your surgeon because he is the only person who is experienced to remove the pilonidal cyst. The surgeons study such cases and perform the surgery only when they are ready to show their skill set in the operation theatre. So, there is no point in second-guessing their talent. You have to trust them because they are going to help you get rid of the cyst.

In addition, if you still have any doubts, you can call the doctor, book an appointment and ask him all the queries you have. In that way, it would be possible for you to trust him and make sure that you are in the right place. And for those, who are again thinking about what to do next, check out all the references you can get from your friends and family. They can share their experiences with you and let you know whether you should choose the same or not.

What does a Colorectal Surgeon do first?

At first, your surgeon will examine the cyst and the abscess to check the level of inflammation because sometimes the cyst is just about to drain or the blood and pus are oozing out of it. So, they have to make sure whether it’s surgical or not. In case, the cyst is filled with the abscess and it’s not draining out, he will surgically drain out the lump and then clean the whole inner section.

Also, if you have only pain and there is no abscess or pus-filled inside, then the surgeon will try to give you some medications to reduce that pain and then see if you need to remove it now or it can wait for some time.

Are there any side effects of surgically removing the pilonidal cyst?

As per the expert colorectal surgeons, there are no serious side effects of removing the cyst surgically. The doctor can easily remove it and to your surprise, there shall be no need to stay in the hospital for all the night. You can come to the hospital, meet your doctor, and within a few hours, he will be done with the procedure. So, don’t worry about any side effects but always remember that there can be the possibility of post-operative complications like fever, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and slight pain in the lower back area. However, in case of bleeding, persistent high fever, and unconsciousness, go to the hospital immediately and call your doctor to see why it’s happening. Do not ignore these symptoms because they may be indicating something is wrong which only a doctor can tell you about.


Thus, in the end, we can say that you need to find a good colorectal surgeon in your city and book an appointment before the condition gets worse. The cyst shall not go by itself and you need to remove it on time before it causes further issues. Browse your search engines and keep looking for a good surgeon till you find the best one.

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