The Best Weapon For Each Character In Final Fantasy 7 Remake


In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, here are the best tools for each character.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake added a new fight system that is fast-paced and uses both hack-and-slash and the turn-based style of combat that is typical of the series. This new hybrid system made its debut in Final Fantasy 15, but Square Enix has smoothed out the rough spots and made the whole battle system better. Aside from being able to switch between real-time and turn-based play, the key to success is giving each character the right tools.

Each weapon has its own build that can be unlocked by spending skill points (SP), and each weapon’s abilities are unique to that weapon and not to the character. Attributes of weapons can improve magic or attack power, add health points, lower status effects, or make elemental damage go up. When choosing guns, there are a lot of things to think about. So, here are the best weapons for each character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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