The Tech Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Starting Out


“Tips you wish someone had told you.” Well, you are in error here! It’s because you never wish or expect anything from anyone – you create it and then make it happen!

As the Earth revolves, human nature evolves. So, how come we think that the tech remains the same? In this era, we are surrounded by technology; it doesn’t matter if you missed Monday’s update; you still got Tuesday to keep you in the loop. So let’s not worry about the past, and rather than wishing, start chasing the dream.

Undoubtedly, tech has made our lifestyle easy, and so has Hire Online Class by solving all the academic queries and paying someone to take online class. So let’s read the blog and delve into some amazing tips and tricks about tech that will leave your eyes wide open.

Now no more wishes, just planning and executing!

 The Tech Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Starting Out

Every day we come across a new application. And every time we go after a new cool hack to run the application, using a shortcut that somebody told us. The result is we often use tech without knowing its actual purpose and helpful quirks.

For say, do you remember when the McDonald’s French fries hack went viral? These kinds of hacks are helpful when you go to McDonald’s. Still, tech tips can help you throughout because it’s just not you who forgets the password or accidentally minimizes the window without knowing how to maximize it.

We all experience such things almost every day. So in this blog, we are sharing some cool keyboard quickens hacks to ease your daily burden and minimize your work from a day to a few hours. So, let’s begin.

No: 1 – Tailor the Fonts

In Word from Microsoft, click the text you wish to alter the order of (the upper vs lowercase), then press Shift + F3. Select the changes between using all lowercase, capitalizing the initial letter, and using all uppercase.

No: 2 – Summarize the Content

Download and utilize the TLDR Browser plugin to summarize content web quickly. The plugin gives you a summary of the writing to decide if you’d like to read it or not.

No: 3 – Reopen the tabs

Press Ctrl/Cmdr. + Shift + T to bring back the web browser tab that was unintentionally closed.

No: 4 – Build a Strong Password

Utilize non-English letters on your keyboard to create a username and password that is difficult to break.

No: 5 – Identify Minor Typos

Use Google Translation and audio editing to review lengthy essays. It provides assistance to see errors, and the program itself can assist you in finding minor typos.

No: 6 – Check Errors

Use AfterTheDeadline to check your writing or paper for language, spelling, and drafting style errors.

No: 7 – Charge the Device Quickly

Enable airplane mode to charge your mobile device more quickly.

No: 8 – Scroll Webpage

Pressing the Spacebar allows you to scroll the web page downward; pressing it while holding the Shift key will scroll it straight upward.

No: 9 – Locate Pins

Tie bread clips to every cable or power cord; label the pins using a pen or marker to identify which one it is.

No: 10 – Save Battery Timings

Use dark theme templates to save 7 to 8% of the battery time of a smartphone.

No: 11 – Search Precisely

Use quote marks (“”) around your query, such as “invoice,” to make Gmail searches more precise.

No: 12 – Switch to Google Scholar isn’t your ideal search partner for college projects. Instead, use For versions that can be downloaded, attempt to include “PDF”.

No: 13 – Increase Battery Life

Charging batteries for laptops to 80% rather than 100% will increase their lifespan.

No: 14 – Take Paranoma Images

Tap the Arrow key to change the orientation from left to right or right to left to take panorama images on iOS in a new direction.

No: 15 – Book at lower prices

Clear your cookies when browsing for hotels or flights online to get lower prices or order while using Incognito mode.

No: 16 – For An Equal Split Of Sound

Switch to the Mono audio feature on your phone to allocate the sound of your music evenly while using headphones with a friend.

No: 17 – Reduce File Dimension

An Excel file’s dimensions are reduced by 50% or 75% when saved as a .xlsb.

No: 18 – Avoid Email Errors

Compose your email first, and the recipient last to avoid emailing the incorrect individual.

No: 19 – For Black and White Prints

If the printer is out of black ink and you want black fonts, change your font color to #010101.

No: 20 – Download GIF from YouTube

To extract a GIF from a YouTube video, place “GIF” before “YouTube” and after “www, in the clip’s URL.

No: 21 – Clear Browsing Data

To rapidly open the “clear browsing data” Panel in Google Chrome, use Cmdr. /Ctrl + Shift + Del.

No: 22 – Access Restricted Video

You cannot access age-restricted YouTube content but are unwilling to log in. Remove “watch=” from the URL and change it to “v/”.

No: 23 – Capture a screenshot on Windows

VLC Media Player allows you to capture a screenshot of the video you are currently viewing. On Microsoft Windows, press Shift + S; on Mac OS, press Cmdr. + Alt + S

No: 24 – Build Google Alerts

To prevent feeling “surprised” by unexpected traffic jams, build Google Alerts for the area if you reside close to a stadium or a building that holds public events.

No: 25 – Download YouTube Video

After www. and before, add “ss” to download a YouTube video.

Coming to an End!

The tech-savvy blog has now come to an end. But our desire to learn additional tech tricks will always be there. Because as technology advances, more hacks will become available to us. However, pay someone to do my online class has been made available by Hire Online Class in response to your desire to learn about anything that is simple and easy to use.

Therefore, please don’t wait any longer because we are get-at-able, and that’s what you enjoy. Get in touch with us!

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