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Mobile App Development

Making a confident decision while choosing something is the most difficult thing to do in this world, no matter if you are grappling with a product selection, solution selection, or even a tool selection. Isn’t it? Suppose that you go to a nearby shopping mall to buy a wristwatch of your choice.  Now the question comes, which one will you own if tens of watches see their look, feel, and function similarly? It’s a bit of a tough question, right? Now, if you see closely, the case with mobile app development tools is no different. 

Yes, we mean you will find it no easy feat to pick an SDK from the pile of many if you have to use any one framework for your web app development, native app development, or cross-platform app development. And that’s where this expert guidance prepared by a premier mobile app development company can come to your rescue.

Yes, in this content, you will learn about some widely-known tools and technologies that can come in handy for mobile app construction. But before you acquire even a small amount of information about them, we would suggest going through:

Some key stats about mobile apps listed by a top mobile app development company

  1. According to the research carried out by a popular U.S.-based market research and consulting company, the global mobile app market size was worth $187.58 billion in 2021. Also, it was predicted to gather almost $206.73 billion in 2022.
  2. As per another leading market research company, the development market has seen a year-on-year growth of no less than 20.45% in 2021. And when it comes to CAGR, the Compound Annual Growth Rate was approximately 20.65% during the forecast period. Also, the market is expected to rise by USD 653.91 billion between 2020 and 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 20.65%.

  3. In accordance with a long-standing provider of market and consumer data, the number of app downloads has been boosting consistently year by year. For example, there were 140.7 billion mobile apps on different platforms in 2016 whereas it became 230 billion in 2021, resulting in an increase of 63% in the timeframe of 4 to 5 years. And all this shows how huge the demand for mobile apps is in the market.

  4. Also, the same agency has claimed that the app download market is foreseen to elevate at a CAGR of 13.4% from 2022 to 2030, translating into an approximate value of USD 565.40 billion by 2030. And as far as the revenue of mobile apps is concerned, it is about to produce over 613 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

  5. Furthermore, according to some studies, the value of app income through various app stores was forecasted to be around $80 billion in the year 2020.

Now that you have read so many figures about mobile apps above, you must be willing to reap the maximum benefits of such a growing industry. Isn’t it? So, if that is the case, we would ask you to hire mobile app developers from a reputed IT company on the cloud and make them develop your mobile program without any hesitation. 

A few SDKs to create excellent mobile apps, as per an ace mobile app development company

A top-tier mobile app development company says that a business owner sets many expectations from a mobile app. Such as it must have some key features so that it can:

  1. Guarantee operational efficiencies
  2. Draw profitability 
  3. Enhance resource productivity 
  4. Ensure consistent performance

But the thing is that a mobile app can do so many things only when it is made with a remarkable tool. So, let’s get a glimpse of a multitude of cutting-edge tools using which you can forge your dream smartphone software. 

React Native 

React Native is a prominent JavaScript-based mobile app construction kit, which is preferred by millions of software developers for getting help in the simultaneous creation of iOS and Android apps. 

Since Java and Kotlin are the bare minimum requirements for developing apps for the Android operating system and Swift and Objective-C for the iOS operating system, React Native is one such framework that can build multi-platform applications using just one codebase.

The experts of a trusted mobile app development company say that React Native was released in 2015 by Facebook and has continued to evolve since then. Today, React Native is getting used by many giants, including Facebook and Uber, which proves how reliable this tool is for mobile app development. 


Google developed this Software Development Kit, which is completely based on the Dart programming language. The most pleasing thing about Flutter is that it easily fulfills the requirements of large corporations while not leaving any stone unturned in integrating into a startup environment too because of its:

  1. Affordability 
  2. Development speed
  3. A long list of features 

Just like React Native, Flutter aids in manufacturing mobile apps for iOS and Android operating systems at the same time. And for that reason, it has become one of the most used app development SDKs by professional app creators, as per the POV of an ace mobile app development company. 


Xamarin is the next Software Development Resource on this list that assists designers and developers in fabricating native Android, iOS, and Windows applications with the help of a single shared .NET code base. Just for your kind information, this framework makes the most of Visual Studio Tools to create native smartphone applications. Also, this app-making tool contains many features, including but not limited to:

  1. Code editing 
  2. Refactoring 
  3. Debugging 
  4. Testing 
  5. Cloud-publishing 

And the finest part? Well, this SDK gives access to on-demand content from Xamarin’s university curriculum as well as Azure credit per month. Now, if this information influenced you even a bit, it is in your best interest to hire mobile app developers from a tried and tested IT company now and get a mobile program built of your choice.  

Concluding remarks 

Finally, you read the whole piece of content, right? So, have you made up your mind regarding which tool to use to make your brand’s app? If not yet, you can discuss the same with the software specialists of a state-of-the-art IT company and then hire mobile app developers through them to turn your mobile app vision into a reality.  

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