The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist to Grow Traffic like Never Before

The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist to Grow Traffic like Never Before


The most underlying aspect of the SEO is technical SEO. You may have a remarkable content for an amateur topic in your niche, but if your site has undetermined technical SEO issues, you’ll definitely struggle to rank high in SERP.

In this article I’ll reveal the main aspects of technical SEO, and share some useful tips to improve your site’s search existence.

Before going to Technical SEO, and Technical SEO checklist you have to be aware that the scope of SEO is very broad which covers all aspects of the website’s visibility improving, and ranking in search engine results. But the website’s Technical aspects are the key elements. Here’s the question, why do you need to check the Technical elements? How can you do that? What are the areas you need to check? For all this, you need a comprehensive Technical SEO Checklist.


This checklist will help you to know the website’s infrastructure, performance, and accessibility to enhance its visibility in search engine ranking, etc.


Now let’s see what is the Technical SEO Checklist?  That needs to be addressed to optimize all key aspects of a website for search engines.


Website’s Infrastructure, Performance, and Accessibility


Technical SEO Checklist will start its process by scrolling the infrastructure of the website. That plays a fundamental role in its ranking on webpages. This field is very broad and covers a wide range of SEO topics mentioned below:

Table of Contents: 


  1. Extensible Markup Language (XML) sitemaps
  2. Indexing of Web pages through Crawlers
  3. Mobile-friendly websites
  4. Site speed of loading web pages.
  5. Web Site’s architectural structure
  6. Site’s digital certificates that handle sensitive data
  7. Check Image SEOon the website
  8. Internal and external links


Extensible Markup Language (XML) sitemaps files.


For ranking your website you have to understand the organized structure of a website’s content, and the way to make it easy for search engine crawlers to discover index pages. By Technical SEO Content structure list is provided by files XML sitemaps (Extensible Markup Language) these files include all information as the URL (Uniform Resource Locators) of each page. Technical SEO Checklist tells us when the content is last updated? What is the frequency of changes? And what is the importance of the page relative to other pages on the site, Search engines, as Google?

Indexing of Web pages through Crawlers


Technical SEO Checklist discovers and indexes web pages through automated bots, called crawlers. This Technical SEO Checklist ensures that the website has a good infrastructure and that all crawlers can easily access all the relevant pages on that website. In case of finding difficulties, this Technical SEO Checklist indicates the poor infrastructure which lay an impact on ranking.

Mobile-friendly Websites


Technical SEO is also responsible to check the design of the website. Due to the increased use of mobile devices, the site’s Design must adapt to different screen sizes with a high resolution.


Technical SEO Checklist ensures that the website is well structured and mobile-responsive, even accessible to various devices which is the cause of ranking.

Site Speed of Loading Web Pages


Web page loading speed is one of the technical issues which affects the website’s infrastructure. So the Technical SEO Checklist finds errors and improves page speed because page speed is considered a ranking factor by Google. Faster-loading pages provide a better user experience otherwise, users leave slow-loading websites, so Technical SEO Checklist is responsible to make the website ranking, and resolving all such technical issues.


Web Site’s Architectural Structure 


Technical SEO Checklist determines well-design architectural site structure. From the ranking point of view, your site’s pages should be organized and interconnected, Technical SEO focuses on how content is categorized, grouped, and linked together, providing a ranked framework for users. Relationships between different pages, representation of broad topics, or areas to focus, are key components of a site’s architectural structure which facilitate efficient crawling and cause the ranking.


Site’s Digital Certificates that Handle Sensitive Data


Secure Sockets Layer certificates are essential for websites. These SSL certificates establish an encrypted connection between a web server and a user’s browser.

These digital certificates handle sensitive data and information and prevent all unauthorized access.

In Technical SEO, SSL certificates play an important role in website optimization. Through Technical SEO audit website’s secure connection is checked by visiting its URL. This ensures that users and search engines are directed to the secure version of the website.

Check Image SEO on the website      


Here is another most important aspect of Technical SEO Checking images on a website. By using a Technical SEO checklist you can ensure that images are correctly optimized for SEO. This includes that:

  • The format of images is appropriate.
  • The size of the file is optimized to page load size.
  • Compress Images to reduce file size.
  • All images are expressive and describe the content.
  • Check the accuracy of alt Text.
  • Confirm that alt text is present and accurate. Alt text helps to understand the image’s meaning and allows search engines to comprehend the image.
  • Check the accuracy of the image file and name.
  • Ensure the dimensions of the image for different devices and screen sizes.
  • Add captions to images to provide additional context and improve user experience.
  • For discovering and indexing your image effectively use the website’s XML sitemap to include images.
  • To avoid copyright, it is better to use licensed images properly.

Internal and External links


Technical SEO is also responsible to check internal and external links on a website. Technical SEO checklist analyzes the internal linking structure and helps to understand grading and the relationships between pages on your website. It maintains a good user experience and ensures proper indexing by search engines.

Technical SEO checklist is also responsible to check external links pointing from your website to other domains and whether the sites are trustworthy or not. It must not lay a negative impact on the site’s reputation and SEO.





So, now you have seen that the infrastructure of a website effects its visibility and ranking potential in search engine results. By practicing a Technical SEO checklist you can enhance the accessibility, visibility, and performance of your website.


By including the above key points in your Technical SEO checklist, you can maintain a well-structured website that can effectively crawl and rank your site.

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