Top Features That Your Custom Business Card Boxes Must Have

Today business cards are used for multiple purposes. These cards are not only meant to promote the business name but they are also used to engage customers. To maintain their professional look, custom business card boxes are required. 

Business cards are delicate and may lose their shape if not protected with appropriate packaging. Apart from protection, these cards need organization that can only be achieved with the help of business card boxes. 

Card boxes must have some characteristics that make them significant for your cards. For instance, these boxes must be of a spacious size to give adequate room to cards. Conversely, card boxes must be made from robust material to avoid damage to the cards. 

Significance Of Business Card Boxes 

If you are running a company, you must have an idea about the significance of card packaging. In the business world professional appearance is important and a custom business card boxes design gives a professional look to the cards. 

The following points will cast light on the importance of card boxes: 

  • Card protection 
  • Professional appearance 
  • Display your brand’s standards
  • Showcase your company’s elegance
  • Organization of your cards 

Features Of Card Boxes 

If you are designing new wholesale business card boxes then the below-mentioned points will help you design the appropriate and befitting card box. 

  • Spacious 

While designing your card box one thing that you must consider is the size of the box. The card box should be spacious in order to room a sufficient amount of business cards in the boxes. A spacious box will allow you to organize your cards correctly without the fear of card damage. 

On the other hand, if your custom business kraft boxes are not of the right size, there are chances that your cards may get folded. This will reduce the professional and elegant appearance of your cards and your clients can not get a positive appearance of your brand. 

  • Elegant Box Opening 

A business card box must have an easy-to-open box lid. If the box lid is difficult to open and is too much complicated, the appearance of your box will not look professional, and ultimately the positive image of your brand drop. Some of the elegant box styles for business cards are: 

  • Flip-top boxes
  • Sleeve boxes 
  • Two-piece box design 

In the corporate sector, it is of extreme importance to appear professional. Whether going to a meeting or traveling, your custom business card boxes must look elegant if you want to increase the outreach of your brand. 

  • Symbolic Representation Of Your Brand 

Business cards and their custom packaging must represent your brand. This means that the card boxes should portray the type of business you are running. For instance, if you are running a bakery, you can use pastel colors for the boxes. 

Similarly, for a corporate business dark matt colors are the best option for custom business card box design. Apart from colors, the cards must contain a trademark of your brand to symbolize your company. 

  • Succinctly Informative 

The purpose of card boxes is to protect cards and not to provide information. Therefore, the information on the boxes must be brief. Avoid using all the details about your company on the boxes as it will not look attractive. 

You can add the logo, your brand name, and the artwork related to your brand on the business card box. The rest of the information should be printed on the business cards. 

  • Robustness 

The most important thing that your business cards must have is robustness. This feature is unavoidable as without sturdiness your box will not protect the cards and lead to their damage. For it the material of the boxes is crucial. 

To remain sustainable without affecting durability, one material that you can use is paper-based material. Among all types of paper-based material cardstock is the most popular one because of its sustainability, economic nature, and robustness. 

To Sum Up  

The characteristics that custom business card boxes must have are their robustness, elegant designs, unique lids, and spaciousness. These are the basic features that card boxes must have, as they give a professional look to the box and help you elevate the rank of your business. 

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