Transforming Your Business with Touch Free Payment

It is a fact that almost everyone opts to make payments digitally to buy anything, ranging from groceries to ordering food and paying monthly bills. While not all debit or credit cards are safe as there are chances of data theft, more and more consumers are now shifting to a smarter and safer alternative; Touch free payment cards. These are highly advanced and secure cards that are powered with fingerprint sensors, allowing the owners to make payments using their fingerprints as PINs. While many people may argue that payments through these contactless smart cards are not safe as there is no need for a PIN, the fact is that this is 100% safe as only an authorized owner is able to make payment by using fingerprints.

So, how does the touch-free payment systems can help grow your business? Here are 7 reasons to opt for touch-free payment.

No hassle of carrying cash

During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital payments gained popularity as people sought to minimize contact with surfaces touched by others. The primary objective was to reduce the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus.Over time, almost everyone seems to have developed a habit of not carrying cash in their pockets. Even small businesses these days are now starting to recognize the benefits of going cashless. With the option to allow consumers to make payments digitally using a secure method, it becomes easier for businesses to allow customers to visit the facility anytime they want, even without carrying cash in their pockets.

Social distance proof your business

While the world has successfully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s always good to stay safe and maintain a safe distance from others. The reason here is that new viruses are emerging every day and can lead to bad health. As a business owner, it is important to understand the importance of allowing consumers to maintain a safe distance and avoid the need to wait in long queues. The best way to ensure this is by using a touch free payment system that accepts payments through contactless smart cards. Customers can conveniently tap the cards on the POS systems, instantly authorizing the payment without any delays.It’s a win-win situation for the customers as well as business owners.

Fingerprint sensor cards are here to stay

More and more cybercrime incidents are being reported every day. This leaves consumers afraid about the safety of their accounts and financial details. Due to the prevalence of criminals duplicating debit cards for unauthorized use, an increasing number of consumers are now transitioning to cards equipped with fingerprint sensors. As per the statistics, over 23% of consumers prefer making payments using safe cards and most of them would like to keep using them if they are secure.

New business offerings to customers

Instead of merely enabling faster payments and maintaining a safe distance for your customers, view this facility as an opportunity for a new business offering. If you’re running a restaurant or food truck, you can make things easier by incorporating contactless payments. Add this as ‘multiple payment modes’ accepted and more people will like to keep buying and visiting your facility. Remember that they want to ensure the safety of their loved ones and when it is possible with a touchless payment facility, it’s going to benefit your business too.

More loyal customers

it is very important for modern businesses to understand the USPs of the ones who are making it big in this marketplace. Almost everyone is offering their customers something different. For example, Walmart attracts more customers due to its low prices on grocery items. You can also start to create a network of loyal customers by offering them an option to make payments using a faster and safer alternative. And when they become your loyal customers, there are hardly any chances they’ll go to the competitors.

Checkout faster and easier

One of the most common benefits of accepting digital payments has always been allowing consumers to make payments faster and easier. The contactless smart cards with fingerprint sensors come with an added benefit; allowing consumers to make payments faster, easily and safely. These cards are made using encrypted technology and nothing is stored on the bank or cloud server. Everything remains inside the card and even the payment receiver doesn’t get any detail of the rightful owner of the card. Promoting this type of payment facility at your business guarantees complete confidentiality as no details are shared with any party during the payment process. With the added security of fingerprint authorization, it is considered 100% safe to make payments. By showcasing this advanced technology, you are likely to encourage more customers to adopt and utilize this secure payment method at your facility.

The End

When you are running a business in this highly competitive marketplace, it makes sense to adopt what is going to become trending and will last for years. One such solution is a contactless smart card payment system. The encrypted technology and highly advanced fingerprint sensors power these smart cards, eliminating the need to remember your PIN. Your fingerprints serve as the PIN to authorize the payment. It is worth noting that even if someone steals the card, the payment process is not possible. As a business owner, it is important to understand the power of safe and faster digital payments with the help of touch-free payment facility. It has been growing popular in the past few years and will take charge across the world very soon. Don’t miss this opportunity; add this to your “payment mode” and allow customers to make payments with the help of these smart cards.

So when you want to grow your business, it is important to adopt the latest technology and the best payment method available on the market.

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