What Are The Cheap Custom Boxes Available in 2023

Cheap Custom Boxes

Contemporary customers want lavish packaging, a unique unboxing experience, and a lasting reminder of their encounters with your business. Due to the rise in social media usage, individuals are looking for companies that provide the most beautiful Cheap Custom Boxes to share with their friends and followers. Therefore, as a brand, this is a chance to design packaging that is distinctive. Your kraft boxes and mailers have the potential to astonish both potential and current clients, regardless of the products you sell.

However, you must also consider your financial situation. The most opulent packaging could cost you thousands of dollars to create, but this could severely cut your budget and leave you with less money for things like customer service or marketing. By locating the most inexpensive custom shipping boxes, you can increase sales while providing clients with the best unboxing experiences. Cheap Custom Boxes are still available, but you might need to do a little more shopping around to discover the best prices.

In this article, we examine the wide variety of custom packing boxes on the market to help you decide which one is best for your company.

What Are the Most Effective Custom Boxes on a Budget?

The greatest bespoke packaging ought to be of a high standard, resilient, and reasonably priced. Here’s a closer look at some of the least expensive bespoke product boxes and packaging you might want to use for your company.

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Box Made of Paperboard:

Paper board is a terrific alternative if you want affordable bespoke shipping boxes that are straightforward and lightweight. Because it can be customized and is so adaptable, it is a common packing option. Popular brown paper board boxes are known as “Kraft boxes.”

It is incredibly resilient and frequently manufactured from recycled materials like natural wood fibers and recycled paperboard. The proper supplier may provide circular kraft boxes that are recyclable and compostable after use, even though they aren’t as brand-forward as custom-printed boxes.

PVC Containers:

When looking for inexpensive packing, plastic boxes are one of the most resilient solutions. They can be simply personalized and are strong and durable. Plastic boxes, like other single-use plastics, contribute significantly to packaging waste.

Cardboard Boxes:

Corrugated boxes, one of the most common varieties of custom packaging boxes, are a terrific option if you’re on a tight budget. They are inexpensive to create and ideal for a variety of items. Additionally, they are incredibly customizable, enabling you to design unusual forms or print distinctive logos on the outside.


Rigid boxes may be a good choice for presenting products or gifts when they are being packaged and delivered. They may be customized for a reasonable price and are strong, even with heavier things.

A mailbox:

To package smaller or more delicate things, you might use affordable custom mailer boxes. They’re inexpensive but can be sufficient to win over customers as soon as they receive their shipments. These are perfect for companies that sell fewer products than big corporations because their customer order volumes are probably not high enough to warrant big shipping boxes.

They are also perfect for designing a premium unboxing experience that your consumers can post about on social media. A dynamic QR Code placed somewhere on the product improves the chance that consumers will spread the word about your company to their social networks.

Window frames:

You can display your products within the package using this kind of bespoke packaging. When your products are displayed on in-store shelving next to those of your competitors, window boxes are an efficient way to draw the attention of your target audience.

Customers enjoy getting a firsthand look at products before making a decision. You can showcase your products’ greatest features while keeping them well-protected with window boxes. They’re a fantastic choice if you sell your products primarily in physical places rather than just online.

Devour Boxes:

Retailers and grocery stores love Gobble boxes. They can be used to deliver and store non-perishable, perishable, and non-food items. Gobble boxes with custom printing are both aesthetically beautiful and practical. When the items are put inside, they can be programmed to automatically lock shut. As a result, the box is as secure and tamper-free as feasible.

The Best Custom Boxes to Use for Your Products:
  • It is obvious that there are a wide variety of custom packing boxes to take into account for your company. Depending on the products you sell, a specific kind of packaging could be the best compromise between cost and security. Of course, you can employ a variety of package styles across your company. If you sell a variety of goods, you might need to do this.
  • Calculating which boxes will be most affordable to make without sacrificing quality, appearance, or utility is the greatest method to cut expenses. Get a clear understanding of what you need for your order fulfillment to be successful (or look at our guide on optimizing eCommerce order fulfillment here). Then, you may determine the ideal box size and obtain a precise price estimate from a reputable manufacturer.

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