What is the industrial services market size?

Industrial Services Market


The substantial aid portfolio that assistance arrangement suppliers are looking for is thought to include industrial services. These services are frequently used for things like item enhancements, management agreements, and integration extensions.

Industrial services are the kind of services that companies provide to industries as needed. Installation and commissioning, engineering and consulting services, and maintenance and improvement of operating processes are all included in this. These services are traded between organisations to speed up the creation of finished products or services.


The kind of services that businesses offer to industries as needed are known as industrial services. This includes installation and commissioning, engineering and consulting services, and operational maintenance and improvement. Organizations exchange these kinds of services to facilitate the production of final goods or services.

Market Growth of  industrial services market

  • Over the predicted time frame, the market for industrial services will be driven by an increase in the need for predictive maintenance services. Asset management is crucial for industrial firms because they employ expensive equipment and pay high depreciation charges. Using predictive maintenance may save you a lot of money. Predictive maintenance is essentially the next step in asset management. 
  • A variety of tactics, such as service contracts and agreements, significant advancements, and market expansions, are fostering the development of the industrial services sector. Furthermore, it is projected that the effects of shifting oil prices would cause the industrial services sector to grow in size.
  • With its extraordinarily high operational productivity, the oil and gas industry is growing this market. Operators can make use of industrial services, which combine engineering and computational talents to assist businesses with resource maximising or yield estimating. Governmental bodies play a key role in defining conformity everywhere. The agreements are implemented in line with the specific environmental conditions in the area. These rules change depending on the region and industry. 
  • It could be challenging for firms to start operations in the area due to the rules and regulations present. Roadblocks might include import and export tariffs, documentation requirements, capital limitations, and laws that are specialised to a given industry.

Key Factors in industrial services market

Industrial service suppliers clash with one another in an effort to dominate the market. To gain a larger market share, businesses should update their industrial services often. A service provider may become more customer- and market-focused by developing a personalised portfolio of offerings. Predictive maintenance services routinely inspect machinery and systems to evaluate their condition and provide fixes when a problem materialises. Predictive maintenance services will be more in demand as the Internet of Things (IoT) expands.

  • Since they see the downtime required for maintenance chores as a large financial loss, end users are usually deterred from implementing automation systems due to a lack of technical understanding, which is one of the main drivers of the expansion of the industrial services industry.
  • Vendors offering industrial services including engineering and consulting, operational optimization, and maintenance have overcome the challenges by offering 24/7 remote help, solutions through cloud monitoring, and other improved services.
  • Most importantly, suppliers must increasingly adopt online and offline training and consulting approaches to make sure that end users are familiar with their technology if they want to keep a competitive advantage in the market. These factors increase the revenue of industrial service providers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which in turn fosters the sector’s growth.

Key Market Drivers

The desire for businesses to reduce operating costs has resulted in a sharp rise in the demand for process-related services during the past several years. In various corporate sectors, activities that involve providing advice, providing computer or financial services, or providing other equivalent essential services are growing and are expected to skyrocket in the coming years. According to further WTO data, banking, insurance, pension, construction, and other business services were reported at 15%, 4%, and 42%, respectively, of all other commercial service exports in 2019. Telecommunication, computer, and information services made up 20% of all other commercial service exports. Moreover, the exports of computer, information, and telecommunication services accounted for 81% of the total in 2019, an increase of 11% from 2018.

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Industrial services market challenges

  • varying compliance levels across locations

Government organisations play a significant part in lowering compliance everywhere. Due to the local environmental circumstances, compliances are made. These compliances vary depending on the regions and sectors. Businesses seeking to start their commercial operations in the area may run into challenges as a result of regional regulations and compliance standards. Obstacles might include import and export tariffs, required certifications, investment legislation, and industry-specific regulations. The aforementioned poses a sizable obstacle to the growth of the industrial services industry.

  • Absence of comprehensive quality and process control

That is one of the problems preventing the industrial services sector’s growth. Engineering services are an example of an industrial service that comprises managing, installing, and maintaining critical business systems, data, and operations. Low-quality products may eventually lead to the infringement of relevant parties’ rights, including those of buyers’ customers or market end users. Due to the increasing complexity and magnitude of contemporary projects, manufacturers and OEMs are gradually delegating many of their responsibilities to providers of engineering services. Nevertheless, a lack of end-to-end quality and process control may restrain the growth of the industrial services market during the forecast period.

Growth in industrial services market

The value of the global industrial services market was estimated to be USD 35.48 billion in 2021 and is projected to increase to USD 54.86 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 5.60% over the forecast period of 2022-2029. Due to their extensive usage in maintaining the most recent information on the product life cycle, manufacturing execution systems represent the largest application sector in the relevant market. The market report created by the Data Bridge Market Research team includes in-depth expert analysis, import/export analysis, pricing analysis, production consumption analysis, and pestle analysis in addition to market insights like market value, growth rate, market segments, geographical coverage, market players, and market scenario.

The substantial aid portfolio that assistance arrangement suppliers are looking for is thought to include industrial services. These services are frequently used for things like item enhancements, management agreements, and integration extensions.

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