Which Rudraksha is Beneficial For You According to Your Zodiac

Rudraksha Beads

A Rudraksha bead is the most sacred and auspicious bead used all over the world for spiritual practices. This bead has a special and devotional place, especially in the Hindu religion.

This bead is said to be the literal form of Lord Shiva. Folklore says that when Lord Shiva cried, his tears fall onto the earth in the form of rudraksha beads. Hence this bead has extreme powers and benefits. It protects the wearer as well as provides positivity.

If you also want to gain these benefits, you should wear a rudraksha bead. But which type of rudraksha bead should you wear, depends on your zodiac sign.

Here, in this article, we have mentioned the rudraksha bead you should wear according to your zodiac sign, for you to know.

Rudraksha Bead for Aries 

The Aries is associated with the Planet Mars which symbolizes passion, aggression, and boldness. These qualities are said to the like the Aries born.

For their anger issues and fiery nature which need more fuel for them to achieve success, 3 Mukhi rudraksha bead is recommended. This bead will help them balance their emotion, and take decisions based on wisdom rather than random selection.

Rudraksha for Taurus Sign

People born under this sun sign should wear a 6 mukhi rudraksha. The Taurus zodiac is ruled by the planet of love and abundance that is Venus. This Rudraksha bead will increase love, and prosperity in the wearer’s life.

It will also help the person increase their knowledge and will provide them with wisdom. Protecting the wearer, the rudraksha will also provide them the courage to pursue their dreams.

Rudraksha for Gemini Sunsign

Gemini people are ruled by the astrological planet Mercury and so they should wear the 4 Mukhi rudraksha bead or mala. These people are often creative and the rudraksha will help them enhance their skills and imagination power.

Plus, it will bring them good luck, harmony, and peace.

Rudraksha for Cancer 

Cancer people are often sensitive and it is proven by the calmness of the moon, their ruling planet. So, they are advised to wear a . It will help them stabilize their feelings.

Also, it will provide them with peace and calmness.

Rudraksha for Leo

Sun being the ruling planet, Leo people are often self-confident and courageous. They have leadership skills and pride. The Leo borns should wear a 12 mukhi rudraksha as it will complement their nature perfectly.

It will protect them as Leo people take risks and are provoked easily. This bead will also keep them calm and keep them away from dangerous situations.

Rudraksha for Virgo Zodiac 

The people born under the Virgo sun sign should wear a 4 Mukhi rudraksha bead or mala. It will boost your creativity skills, stabilize your energy levels, and bring good luck to you.

The rudraksha will also help you with your management and enhance your insights. Increasing self-awareness, the 4 mukhi rudraksha will also bring you grace.

Rudraksha Bead for Libra 

Associated with the planet Venus, the Libra-borns are recommended to wear a 6 Mukhi rudraksha. It will increase your artistic integrity and imagination, and enhance your willpower to achieve what you desire.

You can also wear a 13 Mukhi rudraksha, it is also advised for people born under the Libra zodiac.

Rudraksha for Scorpio Sign

Scorpions, a 3 Mukhi rudraksha is the bead for you. An original 3 mukhi rudraksha will increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. Also protecting you from other negative influences as well as from your negative energies like overthinking or nightmares, this bead will fill positivity to your life.

Rudraksha for Sagittarius 

Sagittarians are associated with the planet Jupiter, which symbolizes good luck, fortune, and generosity. You should wear a 5 Mukhi rudraksha bead as it will help you with your ambitions. Your open-minded nature will be complemented and you will get more awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Also, the rudraksha will protect from accidents and dangers.

Rudraksha Bead for Capricorn 

Saturn is the ruling pattern for the Capricorn borns, these people are the loyal ones and hardworking. If you are born under the Capricorn zodiac, a 7 Mukhi rudraksha is the bead for you. Though you can also wear a 14 Mukhi rudraksha.

It will enhance your focus, sensing powers and will help you achieve prosperity.

Rudraksha for Aquarius 

The best rudraksha beads which will suit the people born under Aquarius are 7 mukhi and 14 mukhi. Providing love, freedom, compassion, and understanding, the rudraksha will also develop the intuition powers of the wearer.

Rudraksha for Pisces

A 5 mukhi rudraksha is the best for Pisces-born people. It will keep them cheerful and will enhance their sincerity. Also, the bead will help you stay away from negativity. It will also promote spiritual enlightenment in the wearer.


Rudraksha beads provide many astrological advantages to the person who wears them. The power of the Rudraksha is extreme, not everyone can handle the power of this bead, hence people are suggested to wear a Rudraksha that will suit them.

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