Winning at Shelf: Designing Retail Packaging That Stands Out

retail packaging

Your product is going to be on the shelf with a hundred other similar products. Your ability to succeed depends upon the ability of your product to stand out amidst all that competition. Every product of every niche has to face such immense competition. Only those who stand strong in the face of adversity survive to see the light of success. Retail packaging is a very important factor when it comes to the success factors of any brand. It enables the product to become so compelling that the customer gets completely mesmerized. There are a few components of packaging that make it stand out in the competition. Let us comprehend the most important factors that add to creating mesmerizing packaging.

Background Research

One of the most important and perhaps the first step of starting a business is research. The analyst researches economic feasibility, market acceptance, and demand for the product. In doing that research you need to look for another aspect. Once your product is deemed favorable and your key demographic is defined you can step into the next zone. The design of the product takes a lot of work. Before the creative process can start, the analytical process needs to be completed. The basics of analytics include researching your target customers. Not the kind of research the CIA does but one that illustrates the needs of your target population. During this research, you will uncover the real preferences of your customers. You will find out the things that attract your customers and the ideas that they find repulsive. Such basic information is the key to creating attractive packaging.

Cater to the Needs of the Key Demographic

The goal is not to be liked by everyone but to be adored by your target population. After all, only your key demographic will purchase your product. The age and sex of your ideal customer also matter a lot in designing packaging. Depending upon the age you can uncover their inclination towards trends. If your product is targeted at old age individuals you can research the popular trends of that era and tap into the attraction created by nostalgia. If the target is millennials then you can include minimalist aesthetics in your design. And if gen-Z is your target then alluring and creative designs will successfully capture their attention. The important thing to understand here is that each generation finds very certain things appealing. These things do not overlap across generations. Hence, during the creative process of designing retail packaging that stands out, you should definitely start with preliminary research.

retail packaging

Packaging that Portrays Brand Identity

Your product is not a lone identity, it is a part of your brand’s identity. Packaging plays a very important role in displaying that brand identity. Just like the packaging includes all the essential information regarding the product, it should also portray the brand identity. The packaging also acts as a marketing campaign for your product. The inclusion of the brand identity in the packaging portrays coherence across all forms of marketing of the product. In order to create a retail packaging that stands you need to connect your customers with the parent brand through the packaging of your product. This connection compels the customers to purchase your product based on their previous experience with the brand. It shows not only coherence but confidence across all fronts.

The functionality of Design

The essential functions of packaging are to secure the product and to portray all the essential information regarding the product. If you want to stand out amidst the intense market competition the product needs to be safely placed on the shelf before it can be exposed to the market. If the packaging design is not functional then the safety and security of the product are not guaranteed. While designing the packaging you should always keep the product safe first. Furthermore, the packaging design portrays the real image of the product. No brand wants to heighten the expectations of their consumer without offering anything substantial. The exterior of the packaging should act as the perfect hull for the product so as to portray the truest image of the product.

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retail packaging


The second job of packaging is to portray essential information regarding the product. The sort of information that spares no time to deliver the strongest points of the product. The information on the packaging is one of the most effective ways for the brand to communicate with their consumer. It creates a direct channel of communication that can be used to relay critical information. Such clear and concise information helps the consumer to make a steady decision regarding your product.

Final Words

The competition is high and the economy is in shambles, in such conditions surviving in a retail environment is extremely difficult. The one thing that always comes to the aid is the retail packaging. The portrayal of brand identity and easy relay of information through packaging is a great benefit of custom packaging. It helps the consumer to evaluate the product and make the decision accordingly. It is the perfect marketing tool and it advertises the best features of your product effortlessly. When the packaging performs all its jobs correctly, it is able to stand out on a crowded shelf.

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